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..... the new version of the favorite show is coming back!

MUSE was/is the Public Access TV show about Arts, Artists and the Creative Process.
It was founded/written, produced, directed, 
and hosted by Barb Sorensen, 
and crewed by an incredibly creative, amazing, 
outstanding team! :)
MUSE aired from August 1996 until December 2004. 

With your support MUSE will be
on the air again, in 2015.


MUSE is a half hour monthly Public Access TV Show about Arts, Artists and the Creative Process. MUSE had/has a growing fan base not just in Illinois but also in Los Angeles, Nashville and Minneapolis.  We were almost in New York…before it was taken off the air. MUSE received interest from two broadcasters who wanted to take MUSE nationally.. but then 911 happened, the economy turned, the Producer's music career/touring took off , the crew went back to college and MUSE was put on hold. Barb (producer) has received a lot of requests asking about the show and how to see it again and when it will be coming back.. so here’s the scoop…. Getting the show digitized and up on a website takes a lot of time, effort, money and skilled crew . We also no longer have access to all the old footage from the 7 years that the show ran.  So rather than kicking a dead horse to get it to run... we are reconstructing the all new MUSE TV.


New organization status

New biz plan

New crew

New studio space

Updated equipment

New broadcaster

New artists

New logo

New team

Same executive/producer, director and hostess


The budget and business plan is currently (01/2015)  being revamped and will be posted here when ready.  In the meanwhile if you'd like to help support our efforts till we have it all in place... ( it does take cash to buy food and drive a car as we work on getting MUSETV up and running  an we can really use it! ).... CLICK HERE!, shop for yourself on line, and every purchase you make gives a percentage to MUSETV.  Membership is free and your privacy is guaranteed.


Thank you very much and have an awesome day!




a highlight of previous acts that have been on the show include:
Lowen & Navarro - Rock duo
Barb Sorensen - Pop/Rock Singer/Songwriter
Cheryl Hagedorn - Painter
Illinois Arts Alliance
Peggy Martino - Calligrapher
Bill Fosser/Opera in Focus - Puppet Opera
Jyothi Shah - Mehndi Artist
Aimee Lynn-Simpson - Imagination Theater
Sean Murphy - ASCAP - Performance Royalties Collections Agency
Micki Lemieux - Sculptor
Big Roy- Contemporary Jazz Band
Trenda Kennedy - Bead Artist
Monica Kendall - Calabash Animation - Artist
Beki Hemingway - Alt/Rock Singer/Songwriter
Arlo Leach - Contemporary/Folk/Children's
Al Lucard Studios - Horror Makeup Artists
Mikki MIller - Fingernail Artist
Jonathan Rundman - Alt Pop/Rock Singer/Songwriter

William Close and the Mass Ensemble - movement and sound artists
and more....


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