MATHAMUSIC (TM)  by Barb Sorensen MATHAMUSIC (TM) by Barb Sorensen
MATHAMUSIC (TM) by Barb Sorensen MATHAMUSIC (TM) by Barb Sorensen

is the latest fun project brought to you by Emerald City Music Productions Inc.   MATHAMUSIC integrates math and music and helps open children's learning channels by making it "cool" and "fun" to study math.  MATHAMUSIC #1 includes;

Song cassette or CD/Children's Booklet/Parent-Teacher Manual

The songs are composed in styles that are currently HOT on the radio, and what a lot of children listen to and are familiar with. 

Accompanying booklet to follow along with and color in 

Instrumental only versions of all the songs are on the B-side

Special Activities section 

  • The Substitution Principle

    Coordinate Geometry

    Naming Numbers

    music/melody lines/lyrics

    easy chords for young fingers for guitar and keyboard

    artwork that jumps off the page for coloring or doodling in

    integrates math and music into sample problems and activities to encourage further interest in both math and music. 

     Originally MATHAMUSIC #1 was used by educators in Chicago to reach children after school via Chicago Cable's local educational show called "Countdown" .  Since it's debut in 1994, MATHAMUSIC has also been used by teachers in National Award Winning Northbrook classrooms and most currently in Downers Grove math classes in the Friends of the Gifted & Talented, Inc. program for gifted children,  and Harper College'sSummer InZone Program for Children.
We hope you and your children will enjoy MATHAMUSIC #1 as much as we did , making it. 


Barbara Kronau-Sorensen  
President/Emerald City Music Productions Inc. 



Thank you for your interest in having MATHAMUSIC author Barb Sorensen come to your event, school or venue to give a MATHAMUSIC presentation 

She is happy to come and perform for you almost anywhere in the world!

Below is some information about the presentation: 

Once you have decided on a date, time and location, 
please contact MATHAMUSIC's booking agent Jozhua at Fantabulous Publishing LLC at 224-578-9052 
or via email with our contact form. 
They will be more than happy to assist you.


  • Author Barb Sorensen is available to speak at your school, event, venue, teacher in-service days, student days, etc.
  • MATHAMUSIC Band is available for concert days, school functions, etc.
  • Bring MATHAMUSIC as a 6 day program, 1 hour/class to your school! click here to find out more
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