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Fees involved  

Artist: $3500


Transportation (covered by you): Air/Train/Ground/Boat   - However you get me there safely, comfortably and uneventfully I am happy. If you make it creative and fun  - all the better :)  Hot air balloon?, zeppelin?, etc... I have often toyed with the idea of doing a concert while travelling in one of these 


For air travel I use American Airlines, for ground travel  long distance (over 1 -3 hours) I use the train, for local transport I go by car.


Lodging (covered by you):  4* Hotel (*candlewood suites is a good standard option for low price and great quality)


Food (covered by you): 3 sit down meals/day - veggietarian. *I don't drink liqour, so no worries there. If you really want to spoil me you can feed me sushi and sahimi.  No wheat, meat, sugar or dairy.  Yes to fish and fresh green veggies.




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